Taking note of actions and managing the to-do list

I was talking to a colleague recently about note taking and it reminded me of a Simon Knight blog post I read a few months ago.

It dawned on me that, although historically I haven’t been great at it, I have improved thanks mostly to the tools available.

I used to use Trello and Evernote for pretty much everything but at the moment my trusty tools are:

  • Wunderlist for all of my to-do-lists, categorised by general work, project work, shopping list (thanks Alexa!) etc.
  • OneNote for day-to-day notes and conference calls, with all actions being added to Wunderlist.
  • My trusty notebook for meetings and those rare occasions when I don’t have access to any cloud-based tools. I’ll then transfer those notes to OneNote, and capture any actions in Wunderlist.
  • Surface Book and Pen for annotating documents, a new addition that I have found incredibly helpful – especially with Drawboard PDF.

I don’t know if it’s the act of transferring information from paper to OneNote and actions to Wunderlist that makes things “stick” or that it makes me regularly go over my notes and actions but it works for me.

How do you keep on top of your to-do list?

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